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Spectrum Utilization using Bayesian Method in Cognitive Radio

Spectrum Utilization using Bayesian Method in Cognitive Radio (with MATLAB Code)

Dec 17, 202346012 min read

IntroductionUnderstanding Spectrum UtilizationThe Bayesian Method in Spectrum UtilizationWorking of Spectrum Sensing and Utilization using Bayesian MethodComparison between Bayesian Method and Other MethodsPros and Cons of Bayesian MethodImplementing Bayesian Method for BPSK Signal in MATLAB SoftwareApplications of Spectrum Utilization using Bayesian…

What is Spectrum Utilization ?

What is Spectrum Utilization ?

Dec 17, 20233915 min read

IntroductionWhat is Spectrum Utilization?Where is Spectrum Utilization Used?The Need for Spectrum UtilizationDifferent Methodologies Used in Spectrum UtilizationApplications of Spectrum UtilizationReal-World Examples of Spectrum UtilizationMore: Introduction In the world of wireless communication, spectrum utilization plays a vital role in ensuring efficient…

What is Spectrum Sensing ?

What is Spectrum Sensing ?

Dec 17, 20233835 min read

IntroductionWhat is Spectrum Sensing?A Brief History of Spectrum SensingThe Need for Spectrum SensingApplications of Spectrum SensingTypes of Spectrum Sensing Methodologies1. Energy Detection2. Matched Filter Detection3. Cyclostationary Feature Detection4. Pilot Signal Detection5. Joint Sensing and AccessReal-World ExamplesMore: Introduction Spectrum sensing is…

What is Cognitive Radio ?

What is Cognitive Radio (CR) ?

Dec 16, 20234236 min read

IntroductionWhen was Cognitive Radio Invented?Use of Cognitive RadioDifferences between Cognitive Radio and Normal RadioTypes of Cognitive RadiosTechnologies in Software and Hardware for Developing Cognitive RadiosSpectrum Sensing and its Use in Cognitive RadiosMethodologies Used in Cognitive RadiosPros and Cons of Cognitive…

I2C Communication protocol

I2C Communication Protocol

Jul 8, 20236319 min read

Introduction What is I2C? I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) is a serial communication protocol used for connecting multiple devices on a bus. It was developed by Philips Semiconductor (now NXP Semiconductors) in the 1980s and has become widely adopted in various electronic…


Buck Converter: A Comprehensive Guide

May 14, 202368418 min read

Introduction What is Buck Converter? A buck converter is a type of DC-DC power converter that steps down the input voltage to a lower output voltage. It operates by using a series switch (typically a MOSFET) that turns on and…


Differential Signal: Understanding the Basics

May 14, 202382415 min read

Introduction Definition of Differential Signal: Differential signaling is a technique used in electronic communication to transmit data over a pair of wires. It involves transmitting the same signal over two wires, but with one wire having an inverted version of…


RS-485: Everything You Need to Know

May 8, 202369326 min read

Introduction What is RS-485? RS-485 is a serial communication standard used for long-distance communication over twisted pair cables. It is a popular communication protocol in industrial and building automation systems, and it is used for connecting devices such as sensors,…