MQ2 Gas Sensor – Information, Pin Diagram and Projects

MQ2 Gas Sensor is used to detect Methane, Butane, LPG and Smoke. The MQ2 gas sensor pin diagram shows detailed information of pins, their name and functions. We have also given a helpful datasheet down below.

MQ2 Gas Sensor Pin Diagram:

MQ-2 Gas Sensor Pin Diagram
MQ2 Gas Sensor Pin Diagram


Download Diagram in HD | Size: 650 KB | PNG Image


Here are some projects related to MQ2 Gas Sensor:

1. LPG and Smoke Detector using Arduino and MQ2 Gas Sensor. (Detects Methane and Butane as well)

2. Smoke Detector using Arduino, MQ2 Gas Sensor and 16×2 LCD Display