XY-MK-5V RF Receiver Pinout and Projects

The XY-MK-5V RF Receiver is a small and inexpensive module used for wireless communication in various electronic projects and applications. It is commonly used with RF (Radio Frequency) transmitters to transmit and receive data wirelessly.

The module operates at a frequency of 315 MHz or 433 MHz and has a working voltage of 5V DC. It has four data pins that can be connected to a microcontroller or other digital devices for data transmission and reception. The module also has an LED indicator that lights up when it receives a signal.

The XY-MK-5V RF Receiver uses an ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying) modulation technique to transmit and receive data wirelessly. This modulation technique changes the amplitude of the carrier signal to represent digital data. It has a sensitivity of -105 dBm and a maximum range of up to 100 meters in open space.

XY-MK-5V RF Receiver Pinout Diagram:

XY-MK-5V RF Receiver Pinout
XY-MK-5V RF Receiver Pinout


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