SW-420 Vibration Sensor Pinout and Project

The SW-420 Vibration Sensor is a small and inexpensive sensor that is designed to detect vibrations and movements. It is commonly used in electronic projects and applications that require motion sensing, such as alarm systems, anti-theft devices, and vibration-based controllers.

The sensor contains a metal spring that is surrounded by a coil. When the sensor experiences vibrations or movements, the spring will compress or expand, causing changes in the coil’s electrical properties. These changes can then be detected and measured by a microcontroller or other electronic devices.

The SW-420 Vibration Sensor is easy to use and requires only a few external components to operate. It has a digital output that can be connected to a microcontroller’s input pins or other digital input devices. The output signal is high when the sensor detects vibrations or movements, and it becomes low when there are no vibrations or movements.

SW-420 Vibration Sensor Pinout Diagram:

SW-420 Vibration Sensor Pinout
SW-420 Vibration Sensor Pinout


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