LM393 Speed Sensor Pinout and Projects

The LM393 speed sensor is a type of sensor that is used to measure the speed of an object by detecting its motion. It is based on the LM393 voltage comparator integrated circuit and typically consists of a magnet, a Hall effect sensor, and a signal conditioning circuit.

The sensor works by detecting changes in the magnetic field caused by the motion of a nearby object. When the object moves, it causes a change in the magnetic field, which in turn generates a voltage in the Hall effect sensor. This voltage is then amplified and processed by the LM393 comparator, which outputs a digital signal indicating the speed of the object.

The LM393 speed sensor is commonly used in automotive and industrial applications for measuring the speed of rotating objects such as wheels, gears, and motors. It is also used in robotics and automation applications for detecting the movement of objects.

LM393 Speed Sensor Pinout Diagram:

LM393 Speed Sensor Pinout
LM393 Speed Sensor Pinout


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