KY-016 RGB LED Module Pinout and Projects

The KY-016 RGB LED Module is a type of electronic module that is used to control a RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED. It is commonly used in electronics projects, particularly those involving Arduino boards, to create colorful lighting effects or to display data in a visual way. The KY-016 RGB LED Module typically consists of a small circuit board with a RGB LED and a driver chip. The driver chip is used to control the intensity and color of the LED, allowing you to create a wide range of lighting effects.

To use the KY-016 RGB LED Module with an Arduino board, you would typically connect the module’s power and ground pins to the Arduino’s 5V and GND pins, respectively, and connect the module’s control pins to three of the Arduino’s digital output pins (one for each color channel). You would then use code to send commands to the module to control the color and intensity of the LED.

KY-016 RGB LED Module Pinout Diagram:

KY-016 RGB LED Module Pinout
KY-016 RGB LED Module Pinout


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