IR Sensor Pinout and Projects

The IR (infrared) Sensor is a type of sensor that detects the presence of infrared radiation. It is commonly used in electronics projects, particularly those involving Arduino boards, to detect the presence or proximity of an object or to detect changes in temperature.

The IR Sensor typically consists of an infrared emitter and a detector, which are housed together in a single package. The emitter emits infrared radiation, which is reflected back to the detector when it hits an object. The detector then produces an output signal that can be used to trigger an action or provide feedback to a system.

To use an IR Sensor with an Arduino board, you would typically connect the sensor’s power and ground pins to the Arduino’s 5V and GND pins, respectively, and connect the sensor’s output pin to one of the Arduino’s digital input pins. You would then use code to read the sensor’s output and trigger actions based on the detected infrared radiation.

IR Sensor Pinout Diagram:

IR Sensor Pinout
IR Sensor Pinout


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