HL-83 Rain Sensor Pinout and Projects

The HL-83 Rain Sensor is a type of sensor that is used to detect the presence of rain or moisture. It is commonly used in weather monitoring systems, automatic irrigation systems, and other applications where the detection of rain is important.

The HL-83 Rain Sensor typically consists of a circuit board with exposed conductive traces that are sensitive to moisture. When rainwater or moisture comes into contact with these traces, the sensor detects the change in conductivity and generates an output signal that can be used to trigger an action or provide feedback to a system.

To use the HL-83 Rain Sensor, you would typically connect the sensor’s power and ground pins to a power source and ground, respectively, and connect its output pin to a microcontroller or other circuitry. When rain or moisture is detected, the sensor will generate an output signal that can be used to trigger actions such as turning on a pump or activating an alarm.

HL-83 Rain Sensor Pinout Diagram:

HL-83 Rain Sensor Pinout
HL-83 Rain Sensor Pinout


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