FS1000A RF Transmitter Pinout and Projects

The FS1000A is a low-cost, low-power radio frequency (RF) transmitter module. It is often used in hobbyist and DIY projects for wireless communication. The module operates on a frequency of 433MHz, which is in the ISM (industrial, scientific, and medical) band.

The FS1000A transmitter module can be used with an Arduino or other microcontrollers to send wireless signals to a receiver module. The module is very easy to use, as it requires only three pins to operate: VCC, GND, and DATA.

The DATA pin of the module is connected to a digital output pin of the microcontroller, which controls the transmission of data. The module has a range of up to 100 meters in open air, making it suitable for small wireless communication projects.

FS1000A RF Transmitter Pinout Diagram:

FS1000A RF Transmitter Pinout
FS1000A RF Transmitter Pinout


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