Flame Sensor Pinout and Projects

A flame sensor module is an electronic device that can detect the presence of flames or fire. The module typically consists of a sensor and a comparator circuit. The sensor is usually an infrared detector that can sense the heat emitted by a flame.

The module is often used in conjunction with an Arduino microcontroller to create projects that involve flame detection, such as fire alarms or safety systems. The sensor module is connected to the Arduino through four pins: VCC, GND, digital output (D0), and analog output (A0).

The digital output pin of the module sends a digital signal to the Arduino indicating the presence or absence of a flame, while the analog output pin sends an analog signal proportional to the intensity of the flame. These signals can be used to trigger alarms, turn off gas valves, or activate other safety mechanisms.

Flame Sensor Pinout Diagram:

Flame Sensor Pinout
Flame Sensor Pinout


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