2 Pin Buzzer Pinout and Projects

A 2-pin buzzer is a simple electronic component that is designed to produce an audible sound or tone when it receives an electrical signal. As the name suggests, it has only two pins, which are used to connect the buzzer to a power source or a circuit. It consists of a piezoelectric element that can convert electrical energy into mechanical vibrations, which produce the sound. When an alternating current is applied to the buzzer, the piezoelectric element vibrates at a specific frequency, creating a sound wave that can be heard by the human ear. These types of buzzers are commonly used in electronic devices such as alarms, timers, and other warning systems. They are easy to use, cost-effective, and can produce a loud and clear sound. They are often preferred over other types of buzzers because they do not require any external circuitry or drivers to operate, and can be directly connected to a power source.

2 Pin Buzzer Pinout Diagram:

2 Pin Buzzer Pinout
2 Pin Buzzer Pinout


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