Some solid channels on YouTube:

This guy teaches some real hacking and makes top notch networking+IT videos. Also, Coffee!!!

Joey B VS The World!
How do I describe this guy!?! Well just go and watch any one of his videos, you will get it.

Wanna learn how to make a website? Well this is the guy you should look out for. I learned to build a website by watching his videos.

Testing RTX is an Indian hindi tech youtuber. The way he narrates things in his videos is incredibly unique, funny and relatable.

This man has a $10 Million Studio and exposes cheeky fake gurus along with lots of crypto and influencer scams. He also has a robot.

This boi creates giant Minecraft builds with adding fascinating stories to them. He has made the biggest Ultimate Minecraft Survival World.

He has almost every Minecraft survival and building guides with high detail and explanation.

Károly Zsolnai-Fehér, an independant scientist who makes videos about some of the best top notch latest research papers in the field of computer science. What a time to be alive!

Bradley posts walkthroughs of many latest games. He is a very old youtuber and it's enjoyable watching his gameplay videos. Also his commentry is simple and chill.

A guy who makes incredible videos about numerous corners in the field of science and earth.

Ryan is one of my favorite youtuber. He has some of the cool videos ideas which will entertain you to the core.

He makes those pickup lines and social experiments videos. There is an uniqueness and passion in the videos he makes.

This goofy man with mustache makes very unique and funny prank videos. Best ones are those "your comments" videos.

This channel is all in one solution for learning any coding and computer science related stuff. I watched some of their videos on building websites before making my site.

Paolo makes very beautiful videos related to Japan, it's culture, peoples and life.

The most underated Youtuber of India!

The best Youtuber of India!

He has the most mature, funny and sensible audience in whole Indian Youtube community.

Noringo makes very peaceful and beautiful vegetable plants growing videos. He is my favorite youtuber in gardening and plants growing videos.

Not all heroes wear capes.
Well Jim is one of them. He prevents many peoples from getting scammed by fraud tech support scammers. Also the way he presents his videos is amazing.

Dani makes some of the most funniest videos about the games he develops on Unity Game Engine. He has his own unique vibe and it is just solid funny.
DO YOU KNOW KARLSON??#@$?% @$%!#$! #$# %#!*>&... ,.`.`,.`,.`

This crazy man is absolute unit of confidence! He fears nothing! He is the king of all rings! He makes some of the best entertainment videos on the whole YouTube.
Nothing stops him!

NDL!!! NDL!!! NDL!!!

I don't think I need to explain who this man is.

Amit Tiwari is an expert in Web Development field. He makes detailed and very understandable videos on every aspect of Web Development.

Likes to enjoy catch and cook seafood?
Well Ace is the guy you should look for!
He makes amazing catch and cook videos in every water environment. I sometimes go on watching his videos for hours.

Wavywebsurf talks many incredible things happened on internet since it's rise. He has amazing collection of videos about classic memes, famous internet peoples and just classic viral moments occured on internet.

This cute couple travels in their mini van filming lots of beautiful locations across Japan and showing their minivan lifestyle. I feel very calm and peaceful when I watch their videos. Japan is cool.

You like scary ghost and haunting videos? Well nuke will get you some solid chilling clips from internet.
And the way he sounds makes more fun!

These two twins makes videos about caving and underground exploration. The environments they find underneath the surface are very fascinating to see. They also goes to many rare and unseen caves.

A great channel which makes videos about caving and all the adventures revolves around it. They also gives information about caving. I always watch their bunch of videos in a single go.

Do you like those cool gadgets and super power technological stuff in movies and what not?
Well this man makes those stuff from handheld gadgets to spy goggles to superhero suits to human flying drones and what not!!!

Premium high quality memes.